It's always a pleasure to work with people and see them change in positive  ways that they never thought were possible.

Below are some testimonials from just a few of clients I have had the pleasure to work with.**


Thank you so much for all your time and effort. I can't ever thank you enough. It will certainly make a difference to my life. Thanks again.


Dear Mike

Just a note of thanks for getting rid of my fear of heights!

his phobia had caused me problems for at least 25 years and blighted several holidays I was unable to walk on cliff tops or enjoy the same views that my family did (I even got symptoms watching other people who were on high buildings, cliffs etc.)

Now, at last, I can climb more than 3 steps up a stepladder, and look forward all the spectacular views I've missed over the years.

I was surprised at how quickly you did it, and at how safe I felt while you were removing the fear.

Thanks again,


Dear Mike

Everything went well for me last week, I did not feel at all troubled during the week, and my husband said my attitude was quite different than previous pre-appointment days!

On the day itself I was quite happy, and my tummy was settled, and even waiting in the exam room I felt calm, so it was a bonus when I was put on six monthly visits instead of four!

So thank you again, Mike, it made all the difference.

I shall not hesitate to contact you again if needs be.

Best wishes


**Please be aware that your experience may vary

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