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Stress comes in many forms and for countless different reasons, and can have a huge negative impact on your health, work, relationships and personal feeling of well-being.


But, it can be overcome, helping your efficiency and wellbeing in so many ways. I can bring you 25 years experience of working successfully with individuals and organisations to help you develop positive and effective ways to deal with stress.


You could begin your journey to feeling better today...

Is Stress Common?


Sadly, stress seems to be becoming an epidemic of the 21st Century. I see so many people trying to cope with stress, and have seen the effects it has had on their health, wellbeing, and relationships. Indeed, at times is seems that there are  more people who are feeling stressed than calm and coping.


So, if you are feeling under stress, you are certainly not alone. The key questions are, whether you can do something about it, and should you?

Why Should I Deal With Stress?

Stress, and other often-related challenges such as a poor work-life balance can cause a range of issues that can lead to work problems as well as difficulties at home.


At work stress can cause lower productivity, poor relationships with colleagues, impaired decision making, absence through sickness, and many other challenges. At home, it can lead to relationship difficulties as we reduce our patience and empathy with others, and increase irritability when under stress.


Other important health issues such as anxiety, depression and physical illness may also be triggered by stress, so its worth dealing with it as quickly and positively as possible. And, at the end of the day, we just don't feel great when we are under stress, and general life enjoyment can fade.

Can Stress Be Beaten?

Yes, it can. There are many different ways that you can begin to overcome stress and feel good again. By appropriate approaches, you could quickly begin to regain a positive balance and feel good once again. Individuals outcomes may vary, but I have an excellent success rate working with people on reducing stress and building their resilience.

What Approaches Would You Use?


The tools and techniques I use with my clients, and teach them to utilise themselves, depends on the background and reasons for the stress. Is it short term situation, or an ongoing problem? Is it caused by factors at home, pressure of work, relationships, money worries, other issues, or a combination of any or all of these?

Once we really understand what is happening and why, then we can begin to address it. Our work will be centred around you and your personal situation, and can involve looking at issues such as time management, workload and work-life balance, through to learning deep relaxation approaches, positive and effective psychological coping techniques, developing a stress-free mindset and more.

Our work will be positive, and is also completely confidential.

But I Can't Afford To 'Take It Easy!'


Sometimes, at the outset, clients worry that 'dealing with stress' means that they wont be able to get as much done - that it involves 'taking things easy'. However, in my experience my clients can find that by dealing with stress effectively, they can actually have increased drive and focus, and that they are achieving far more than before - whilst feeling far better!...

Is It Just A Short Term Fix?

Our work together will teach you the best ways to not only relax and reduce feelings of stress in the short term, but also give you powerful tools and techniques that you can use yourself in the future to keep the problems of stress under control.

What Does It Cost?

I offer an initial consultation free of charge and with no obligation to explain ways which I may be able to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Individual sessions, which last 50-55 minutes, are £49.00 and although I do work with clients in one-off sessions, clients typically find 4 to 6 sessions works most effectively by allowing us to explore different techniques and make sure you can really apply them effectively. Reductions are available for multiple bookings.

However, I am also aware that money problems can also be a key cause of stress, and wouldn't want people to be prevented from tackling their stress because of finances. In cases of genuine financial hardship, special rates may be available.


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